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Smart Cities Improve The Health of Their Citizens.

Environmental Experts - Noise

EsionX Engineering firm provide solutions for Construction Noise Reduction.

Smart Cities – Reduce Noise. Healthier environment, healthier lifestyle, healthier people and smart politics.


Nuisances sonores : des murs végétaux pour se preserver.

Nuisances sonores : exemple des travaux avenue d’Ostende.


Green Noise Reduction Walls

Smart Cities Improve The Health of Their Citizens.

Environmental Experts - Noise.
EsionX Engineering firm provide solutions for Construction Noise Reduction.


Smart Cities: Green Environment

Smart Cities: Save Drinking Water

Protection of Quiet Areas
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Contribute to Peace & Quiet

Ideas worth Spreading:

Smart Cities Serve Humanity.
EsionX Environmental Experts.

Green Noise reduction walls

Peace & Health.

Made in Monaco

  • Global influence on peace and health.
  • Contribution of healthy products to economic development.
  • EsionX as Monaco firm is the first one in the world to implement a completely new method of quiet and green city by reducing construction noise.
  • Represent your nation with pride with EsionX.

Healthy Environment

  • Protection of Quiet Areas by reducing noise.
  • Healthy Citizens. Living in peace and security.
  • Factors Influencing Soundscape Quality.
  • Reduce construction noise

Green environment

  • Reconnect the public with nature.
  • Protection of workers in stressful and noisy environments.
  • Establishing and maintaining healthy environments: toward a social ecology of health promotion.

Aesthetic environment

  • Provides aesthetic value and brings nature to modern architecture.
  • Making your cities attractive and sustainable.



  • EsionX is a unique engineering company focused on world-class acoustic systems.
  • The Innovative Technology Behind A Smart City.



Your Company Image:
contribute to peace & quiet

  • Reduce construction noise.
  • Healthy city. Greener cities for more efficient ecosystem serving in a climate changing.
  • Independent Local Business. By doing business locally, you not only get personal service and real value, you also help strengthen our local community and economy.

The Healing Benefits of a Quiet Environment

  • Construction workers protection from public.
  • Reducing stress
  • Improving productivity
  • Improving concentration
  • Residents Health Protection against Noise

Our Vision. Sound of silence

We believe that the noise-free space will improve the quality of your life
We believe in a quiet environment that matters + cures + rejuvenates
We believe that your environment should be a real sanctuary

It is our vision that everyone lives in a calm and green environment.
It is our vision that everyone gets the support they need.

To make this vision a reality, our mission is to help people achieve good physical wellbeing and live life to the full.

We do this by offering EsionX Green Noise Reduction Walls. From timeless charm to noise reduction, we are an engineering company focused on world-class acoustic systems.

Our patented acoustic systems were developed by Innovator Edith Derlon to reduce construction noise.

EsionX walls support the green, safe and quiet environment, needed to relax the everyday life of humanity.

The walls are covered with artificial, silencing grass that does not need water. An important advantage of the green wall is the saving of drinking water.
- Only together we can save water.
- Even if you decide not to use it...will be there if necessary.

Our values are at core of everything we do:

We work for the good of humanity.

We believe that being in a quiet environment is conducive to relaxation.

We support equality of health in the whole community.

We are positively engaged in influencing health policy decisions at the national and local level.

We believe that individuals gain strength and influence while remaining in a healthy, green environment.

We will challenge every unhealthy environment and promote a positive attitude to mental and physical health, creating a peaceful environment.

We support the right of people to choose, self-determination, adult responsibility and release from stress.

We are a thoughtful and caring service provider.


DerlonNews: Health Environment Protection.


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