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EsionX X-Ray Curtains 8, is an effective preventive measure against high frequency radiation. PEM shielding fabric width 250 cm / 2m long.

EsionX X-Ray 8 Curtains (XR8C)


EsionX X-Ray Products' goal is to provide protective technologies to support your health against 5G. Learn more about how we use our ideas, which, in combination with other elements, solve issues worldwide.

EsionX electromagnetic curtains protection X-Ray 8 fabric, it protects the immune system, pregnant women who want to take care of of their baby’s safety – giving their baby protection in the womb from radiation. Radiation-proof silver fabric can be used as curtains,electrical cover, blankets. Light weight, soft, skin-friendly, non-irritating shielding.

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EsionX X-Ray 8 Curtains (XR8C), anti-radiation apron, you can make computer chassis cover, curtains The fabric can be DIY production for blankets,clothes, curtains. The width of the fabric is fixed, 2.00 meters, the lenght is extended according to the quantity purchased.
EsionX X-Ray 8 Curtains is designed to set you in a relaxed state to nap, relax, and find peace. Your well-being is the goal of our new collection called EXR8-C, which protects you from emotional changes and more.

EsionX X-Ray 8 Curtains Characteristics

  • A quiet space allows a busy professional to recharge, which improves decision making, increases productivity, and reduces unnecessary stress.
  • We design, deliver, and install the highest quality products for a relaxed environment.
  • Noise-free office provide an environment that encourages stress relief for busy professionals
  • Block the noise by 45dB
  • 100% toxic-free noise reduction liner
  • Any color velvet curtains add immense beauty and elegance to your office room
  • Block UV rays
  • Easy to remove for cleaning
  • Wrinkle free
  • Custom made for any office
  • All projects are priced individually.

You can turn your office space into an oasis of peace. This means that as much as 70% of noise will simply be absorbed in the curtain and will never reach your mind.

X-Ray Products Information

Our team is made up of doctors and oncology certified nurses with deep knowledge of cancer care as well as well as engineers, anthropologists, architects with 40 years of experience in building quiet houses, thanks to many years of experience, in 2010 we patented our own line of noise reducing green walls and soundproofing noise of pillows, curtains, protection on the walls at home, and in 2020 we improved our products in additional protection against radioactivity by adding mats to green walls and soft material for pillows, curtains, as well as we created in 2020 the latest line of body protection line, such as headwear, body blanket for kids and you etc.

We named your new product line EXR8 with a deeper meaning Esionx X-Ray 8 (full name: EsionX X-Ray Wall), we added the number eight because it means eternal life.

You are the inspiration for our creation.

  • 1. Limit Time
    Time: For people who are exposed to radiation in addition to natural background radiation, limiting or minimizing the exposure time reduces the dose from the radiation source.
  • 2. Increase Distance
    Distance: Just as the heat from a fire reduces as you move further away, the dose of radiation decreases dramatically as you increase your distance from the source.
  • 3. Use Shielding
    Shielding: Barriers of lead, concrete, or water provide protection from penetrating gamma rays and x-rays.This is why certain radioactive materials are stored under water or in concrete or lead-lined rooms, and why dentists place a lead blanket on patients receiving x-rays of their teeth. Therefore, inserting the proper shield between you and a radiation source will greatly reduce or eliminate the dose you receive.

Dr. Eng. Wosinski invention will protect you from electromagnetic waves.

Underlays for roofs and floors, and even under mattresses, can protect against radio waves and other electromagnetic radiation. Invented by Dr. Eng. Stanislaw Wosinski's nanocomposite mats absorb radiation just like a human body does - thanks to the water dispersed in them.

Dr. Wosiński's screen provides protection against the harmful electrical component of electromagnetic radiation, which is the source of electrical installations (cables, sockets ) and electrical, electromechanical and electronic devices in our homes and workplaces. Electromagnetic radiation is harmful to the human body because it disrupts its vital functions. : work of the brain and the immune system, disturbs sleep and causes malaise.

Dr. Wosiński decided to use an insulator, i.e. a material that does not conduct electricity, for shielding. This is a new approach, because usually guides are used for this purpose, forming the so-called Faraday cages.

The new screen consists of an insulator - forming a skeleton (it can be ordinary viscose, polyester or polypropylene nonwoven) - in which tiny water drops are dispersed. Together, this makes for a nanocomposite material. It absorbs electromagnetic waves of different frequencies. Such a screen is able to absorb waves with a frequency of 1 Hz to 1 MHz and an intensity of about 3 dB.

  • Protects against radioactivity
  • Reduces noise
  • Improve your mood
  • It protects the heart
  • Smart decoration element
Intended Use

Intended use or application (use indoors and outdoors):

  • Home Garden
  • Roof Gardens
  • Green Walls
  • Green Roofs
  • Terraces and Balconies
  • Areas accompanying Public Buildings
  • Areas accompanying Commercial Investments
  • Offices
  • Children's Rooms

Shipping & Delivery


All of our products are purchasable and some are rentable for a minimum of 1 week. We deliver worldwide our the products either purchased or rented (if rented for a minimum of 6 month) by dropping them off and picking them up at your chosen location. We deliver only in Eastern Europe* the rented products, if rented for less than 6 months.

Shipping fees

Shipping fees depend on the type and the quantity of products that have been ordered. For an order of €100.00 minimum, we offer a free delivery.

Refund & Return Policy

All our products have 1 year of limited warranty. And you can return us any of our product under certain criteria within a maximum of 2 weeks. For more details please see our Refund & Return Policy page.

*By Eastern Europe, we're referring to Monaco, France, Italy, Germany and the Scandinavia.
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