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EsionX Safety Barrier



Security and noise barriers are used to ensure safety and protection of passages and securing road and construction works.

Triple application: multi-functional use is a barrier to vision, security and noise reduction.

Safety and acoustic screens are used to ensure safety and protection of passages as well as securing road and construction works. Safety Green barriers silence the noise coming from construction machines. They are easy to assemble and carry.

They are used to protect pedestrians by separating them from the roadway, in places where pedestrian traffic is not allowed or particularly dangerous.

The height of the barriers above the ground is from 1.2 meters – lower height is used in places where the fender barrier could limit the visibility of drivers (At pedestrian crossings, at intersections). Such a fence is then called 313b, and multi-functional use is a barrier to vision, security and noise reduction.

Barriers are used to ensure the safety of road and construction works. The ability to install barriers makes transport and storage much easier.

Shipping & Delivery


All of our products are purchasable and some are rentable for a minimum of 1 week. We deliver worldwide our the products either purchased or rented (if rented for a minimum of 6 month) by dropping them off and picking them up at your chosen location. We deliver only in Eastern Europe* the rented products, if rented for less than 6 months.

Shipping fees

Shipping fees depend on the type and the quantity of products that have been ordered. For an order of €100.00 minimum, we offer a free delivery.

Refund & Return Policy

All our products have 1 year of limited warranty. And you can return us any of our product under certain criteria within a maximum of 2 weeks. For more details please see our Refund & Return Policy page.

*By Eastern Europe, we're referring to Monaco, France, Italy, Germany and the Scandinavia.
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