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Noise reducing and X-Ray Quiet Time Cage provides kennels that shelter your pet.

EsionPet – Quiet Time Cage


Protective home barrier for your sensitive pet, especially during loud activities like fireworks or construction.

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EsionPet – Quiet Time Cage provides kennels that shelter your pet from the noise and commotion of a frightening world. We design our kennels to provide a nurturing, protective barrier for your sensitive pet, especially during loud activities like fireworks or construction. Your beloved pet will enjoy better health and lower stress with a QUIET TIME.

About EsionPet

Protecting Nervous Pets from Deadly Consequences

While celebrating special events with fireworks is something most people enjoy, for nervous dogs and cats, it can be deadly. Our companions have sensitive hearing and loud explosions can send them into shaking spasms and it can also lead to extreme behavior that can prove deadly for the animal.

For one dog owner, a firework's celebration led to her losing her beloved Chihuahua for nine months after it chewed through a metal mesh fence and ran off. The owner, who was extremely distraught, had no idea that her pet could chew through a fence that she thought was very safe

In another instance, a Huskie jumped through a second story window to the ground below after fireworks erupted. Fortunately, the owner was home at the time and the dog was not seriously hurt.

In still another case, a Terrier climbed over a five-foot high fence and never was found again, during what would have otherwise been a festive celebration. The owners were devastated at the loss of their ten-year-old dog, a beloved member of the family. Had they known about ESIONPET, their best friend would still be with them today.

ESIONPET is a line of dog kennels that contain a unique soundproofing product, designed to provide peace and safety for sensitive pets. Thick layers of padding encase the specially-made dog crates and cages providing a soft, cushioned environment where pets are secure and protected when fireworks or other loud noise is taking place. Safer than using sedatives or restrictive devices to tie up a pet, ESIONPET is a natural solution to helping pets whose fear can otherwise turn deadly.

Once pets are introduced to the ESIONPET environment, they quickly calm down as noise no longer bothers them. As a result, more and more dog owners are turning to ESIONPET to provide a safe and comfortable environment for their dogs and cats when they are attending loud and festive celebrations. By having a safe place for their pet to sleep during such events, dog owners can enjoy themselves more -- without having to leave the party early.

Create a Safe Place for your dog to go to when she hears the noises that frighten her. You can also create a "hidey-hole" that is dark, small, and shielded from the frightening sound as much as possible.

Encourage her to go there when you're home and the thunder or other noise occurs. Consider using a fan or radio near the spot to help block out the sound.

Feed her in that location and help your dog associate that spot with other "good things" happening to her there. She must be able to come and go from this location freely.

Confining her in the "hidey-hole" when she doesn't want to be there will only cause more problems.

The "safe place" approach may work with some dogs, but not all. Some dogs are motivated to move and be active when frightened and "hiding out" won't help them feel less fearful.

The cage 'Quite Time' becomes your dog's den, an ideal spot to snooze or take refuge during a thunderstorm, hide from danger, a place to sleep.

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EsionX Fabric – Main Features
Fabric Features

Fabric Features

Shipping & Delivery


All of our products are purchasable and some are rentable for a minimum of 1 week. We deliver worldwide our the products either purchased or rented (if rented for a minimum of 6 month) by dropping them off and picking them up at your chosen location. We deliver only in Eastern Europe* the rented products, if rented for less than 6 months.

Shipping fees

Shipping fees depend on the type and the quantity of products that have been ordered. For an order of €100.00 minimum, we offer a free delivery.

Refund & Return Policy

All our products have 1 year of limited warranty. And you can return us any of our product under certain criteria within a maximum of 2 weeks. For more details please see our Refund & Return Policy page.

*By Eastern Europe, we're referring to Monaco, France, Italy, Germany and the Scandinavia.


EsionPet Style is Craftsmanship.

EsionPet thoughtful design and product philosophy is to create an environment for your pet that is peaceful, restful, relaxing, and that pets love to live in.

With all our passion, hard work and great design, we provide your pet with a safer and healthier space to live in.

Every one of your noise reduction product is a unique masterpiece, crafted with pride and care, using natural products by a team of skilled craftsman.

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