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Few companies can compare to EsionX ® Technologies when it comes to industry knowledge, technology strength and an established relationship with valuable world leaders. As a company with a 100% focus on the green & quiet environment, we have been a trusted partner for over 5 years with Principality of Monaco Government.

Honors and Recognition

Nuisances sonores : des murs végétaux pour se préserver.

Nuisances sonores : exemple des travaux avenue d’Ostende.

Our Story

We are experts in award-winning, environmental engineering services for both business and government.

When you think EsionX, think Health.

EsionX - Tree-lined avenue


EsionX Architecture for Humanity was built around investing in, and developing, long term relationships with our customers and corporate partners. We pride ourselves on working hard to keep our young generation staff trained on the latest technologies, policy and operational issues impacting today’s federal and corporate environments. Being an expert on the environmental engineering in human health we support is the first step, but more importantly is understanding your business mission and integrating technology into a long-term strategic plan.

EsionX has over the past eight years been at the forefront of research and development to provide products which comply with the stringent new regulations relating to noise pollution in Monaco and around the world.

EsionX having been in the Architectural sector for 40 years realised there was a need to reduce the impact that noise has on cities and their inhabitants where construction is taking place.It became clear that a more holistic approach to construction and development was needed.

In order to effect this change EsionX engaged with local government to help bring change to the way construction was undertaken and overseen.

EsionX spent eight years working with the Monaco government to review the noise impact of construction work on the environment and in January 2019 a new law to silence construction works was introduced.

The government’s policy on noise in Monaco aims to ensure a coherent and coordinated approach to noise reduction.

EsionX is the only company in Monaco and around the world that have developed solutions to arguably one of the biggest pollutants in construction which is noise.

Corporate Responsibility

EsionX - Corporate Responsibility“To inspire our clients to live in a green and quiet environment is our ultimate statement of corporate responsibility. The global impact of our products, presence and activities will always be assessed through this lens, as we touch the lives of children, clinicians, communities, employees and other constituencies worldwide.” Edith Derlon, Chairman and CEO.

Our corporate responsibility strategy focuses on the environmental, social, and economic initiatives that align with our company’s mission to protect the human health and environment. Our 2021 priority framework reflects the corporate responsibility topics that are vital to our business and the communities we touch worlwide.

Our team

Our company values are what drive us as an organization and lead our interaction with each other, our clients and with our business partners.

  • The Value of Skilled Craftspeople

    EsionX is a product run on an experienced hand or well-trained eye over it! Our company values are what drive us as an organization and lead our interaction with each other, our clients and with our business partners. At EsionX, we recognize the experience and dedication craftsmen, environmental engineers, wood, soil experts bring to the workplace because artisan activity creates jobs, increases local incomes, and preserves ancient cultural traditions.
  • Mission

    Skills developed in life are highly transferable to a career at EsionX and can help families carry out our mission of building a healthy environment and sustaining healthy lives. Leadership, courage, unmatched loyalty, problem solving, following through on commitments and delivering results are all attributes valued at EsionX and help foster an inclusive and diverse workforce across all levels of our organization. We are proud and grateful to work with skilled craftsmen and thank them for their contributions to our company and world. Moreover, our highly skilled craftspeople and engineers invented EsionX Earth project, which is supporting valuable world leaders in building food cities.
  • Esionizm Lifestyle

    Esionizm lifestyle innovator Edith Derlon have fused innovative thinking with age-old craftsmanship. Let’s turn to some projects that testify of craft’s indispensable role within the vast field of contemporary cultural production. Most of them are probably known, as they were vastly published, and their innovative power was always recognized.

Products & Solutions Expertise

EsionX - Company Presentation - Green Environment11 EsionX makes a positive contribution to local communities through the green & quiet environment and minimization of water waste, while protecting craftsmanship.

EsionX - Company Presentation - Green Environment7 EsionX global product portfolio enables government leaders to more effectively and efficiently protect the Health, Environment, Drinking water and Food for their Citizens. We work with our partners to find new and smarter ways to improve the environment in order to achieve the best outcomes for the well-being of Children, Women and Men and increase access to a green and quiet environment. All this is done with a reduced economic impact over conventional methods.

Esionizm - Immerged in Water Banner Save Water: protecting water resources by using artificial grass. We have developed and implemented more than 100 projects that protect communities, forests and our climate.

EsionX - Company Presentation - Green Environment12 Our projects build capacity, raise awareness, conserve nature and streamline sustainability through innovation and experienced craftspeople.


EsionX Green Walls in the middle of Vegetation2

Esionx Earth

The mission is to protect drinking water using recycled artificial grass.


The EsionX company focuses on its own developed and patented noise absorption system, which is used in green walls, reducing noise up to 73dB. We used two methods to cover the walls with plants that produce the most oxygen and artificial grass to protect drinking water. We offer European products based on many years of experience and knowledge of our engineers. By using our products, you support exceptional professions, such as welding, and experts in building an ecological environment that is necessary in today’s world. The lifetime knowledge of EsionX experts is our greatest asset.

Innovative green noise-reducing walls create a quiet, green environment that supports health, security, social interaction, as well as a sense of pride and cultural identity and meets the needs of all citizens.

Can Artificial Grass Really be Recycled?

You might have heard people say that synthetic grass can’t be recycled and that it can only be thrown out. Simply put, that isn’t true. Like so many products, there was a time when fake grass was not recycled. It wasn’t that it couldn’t be recycled; it’s that people simply assumed that the only option was to dump it in a landfill.

Years of extensive work by those who are committed to improving sustainability have paved the way to the responsible disposal of artificial turf. And today, most people recycle the material without giving it a second thought. However, with that said, recycling synthetic lawn materials isn’t as simple as recycling other products, such as tin cans or plastic bottles.

How Artificial Turf is Recycled

Today, more and more people have become committed to sustainability. As a result, there have been several advances in technology that simplify the process of recycling artificial turf. In fact, there are several companies that are dedicated to recycling these artificial materials.

These companies have created systems that make it possible to recycle the components of artificial grass as efficiently as possible. During the recycling process, the landscaping materials are separated, processed, and then they are recycled in the most efficient manner. The recycled materials are then converted into raw materials, which are used to create new products. For instance, once the plastics are separated from the artificial turf, they may go through a process that is known as ‘re-pelletizing.’ During this process, the plastics in the artificial turf are cut, melted and then turned into pellets, which are then used to create a variety of extruded plastic materials. In fact, some recycled synthetic turf products are turned into carpet.

Intended use: Exterior

  • Creating Quiet Parks
  • Construction Projects
  • Machine Enclosures
  • Airports
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Educational Institutions
  • Office Environment
  • Home Environment
  • Multi-Unit Residential:
  • Balconies
  • Restaurants
  • Concerts

Certificate No. 50099

EsionX - Green and Pleasant

Natural Greenery

Our mission is to create healthier communities by planting trees and natural greenery.


Natural Greenery EsionX™: the visual surface is covered with our natural greenery. Plants are adapted to their arid environment.

Plants are adapted to the environment in which earth walls will be installed.

Plants adapted to grow on other plants and to obtain moisture from the air or plants adapted to a very dry environment.

In cities, greenery protects us by absorbing pollution and cutting down on the heat island effect. Contact with nature also eases our stress, perhaps because it offers us calming scenery like trees and brooks as well as an oasis from our daily worries and noise nuisance.

Certificate No. 50099

EsionX - Vertical Seed Wall1

Vertical Seed Walls

Our mission is to provide food for everyone.


We have designed two types of walls with vegetable and flower seeds. Vertical mobile walls save space, create greenery, and always provide fresh food.

Earth walls solution are for outdoor and indoor spaces, at home and office, as a smart element of greenery or food.

Our landscape architects direct their offer to both individual and business clients.

The mobile wall system, it is possible to arrange according to individual needs.

Advantages of the walls

  • Use Indoors and Outdoors
  • Produces Oxygen
  • Reduces Noise
  • Reduces Dust
  • Clean the Air
  • Adjust the Humidity Level
  • Save Space
  • A Unique Element of Decoration
  • Improve Your Mood
  • You Always Have Fresh Herbs for Dinner
  • You Save Money
  • You teach children Gardening
  • Free time from the Computer

EsionX - Sound of Silence Parks

Sound of Silence Park

The mission of the Sound of Silence Parks is to enhance the quality of life.As well as planting trees together to protect the environment.


Why Are Parks Important?

Parks serve as the heart of their communities. As such, these recreation areas should be a high priority for community planners. The importance of parks and recreation goes beyond adding green space to beautify the community. Residents, kids and the local government all benefit from having a nearby park or play space.

If urban parks can evolve from their current, primarily recreational role, into a new role as a catalyst for community development and enhancement, parks will be an essential component in transforming and enriching our cities. A park and its surrounding area can be not only a place to understand and relate to nature, but it can also be a place for social and cultural exchange. A park can be alive and teeming with entrepreneurial activities such as markets; physical activities such as children playing or people skating, walking or jogging; for cultural activities, such as art and community events; or for simply socializing with friends.

EsionX - Sound of Silence Property

EsionX Sound of Silence Property

The mission of silence property is improving people’s lives.


The vision is to provide a unique system of natural parks and property, a broad spectrum of recreational facilities and opportunities that accommodate people of all abilities, varying needs and unique interests.

We offer you sophisticated properties in Europe that have been rebuilt with our patented noise reduction products for a healthier life in peace and quiet.

Benefits of EsionX Silence Property

  1. Noise – free bedrooms for children & adults.
  2. Antimicrobial Protective.
  3. Radiation protection walls & fabrics.
  4. Access to garden.
  5. Giving families free activity. Properties are always located to outdoor activities for kids and adults.


    Our New Partner

    Since 31 March 2022, We’re in partnership with Najd Feature Company, in Saudi Arabia
    Moon tower, Mezanine floor King Fahed Branch Road, At Rahmaniyah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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