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Our Expertise

At EsionX, we recognize the experience and dedication craftsmen and engineers bring to the workplace because artisan activity creates jobs, increases local incomes, and preserves ancient cultural traditions.

Our dedicated team of architects, engineers and skilled craftsmen work with you to create your ideal Sound of Silence home, City and Parks from concept to completion, specializing in a quiet, green environment.

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Architectural Services

Our Services provide design, construction, and project management services to assist customers with accomplishing informal construction, renovations, repairs, and maintenance projects.

Engineering Services

EsionX Contractors are from Sweden. We are masters of our craft and continue to achieve success through collaborative effort. group includes 30 professionals with a diversity of backgrounds including contractors, building materials and supplies, furniture production and transportation.

Project Tracking

Our Team is often engaged on projects after serious problems have caused cost overruns or delays. In these situations our project management experts quickly take action to implement procedures to get the project back on track.

Client Satisfaction

Our highly skilled team works with clients to mitigate and resolve claims while supporting project progress. The Team has worked extensively with clients to understand the root causes of troubled projects and develop approaches to successfully turn projects around.

EsionX Founders are Certified

Contractor Services

EsionX Construction




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    Our New Partner

    Since 1st September 2021, We're in partnership with Rasees Company, in Saudi Arabia
    Anas Ibn Malik Road, Alyasmin District – Riyadh 12823 – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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    Discover our silence property concept. EsionX® Silence property for healthy lifestyle. See more.



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