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No. 313B

Product # No. 313B

# 313B - Size: w0.66 x h1.20 x d0.5cm

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Noise Reduction Green Wall ®: Innovation

EsionX Engineering firm provide solutions for Noise Reduction.
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 Overview: Technological factor:

Triple application: multi-functional use is a barrier to vision, security and noise reduction.

Safety and acoustic screens are used to ensure safety and protection of passages as well as securing road and construction works. Safety Green barriers silence the noise coming from construction machines. They are easy to assemble and carry.
They are used to protect pedestrians by separating them from the roadway, in places where pedestrian traffic is not allowed or particularly dangerous.

Sectional fences EsionX -313B can be in the form of a tubular frame with rods. The height of the barriers above the ground is from 1.2 meters - lower height is used in places where the fender barrier could limit the visibility of drivers (At pedestrian crossings, at intersections). Such a fence is then called 313b, and multi-functional use is a barrier to vision, security and noise reduction.

Barriers are used to ensure the safety of road and construction works. The ability to install barriers makes transport and storage much easier.

Declaration of Performance: No: 18/200 EN

Features: Noise Reduction: 5.3d8.B Class (A)

Main characteristics:
DL sound absorption 5.3dB-class A3
DL airborne sound insulation-NA
AL-1S: one-sidedly devouring

 EsionX Bar™ - Wind Protection

The adjustable EsionX Bar ™ bracket kit allows the operator to assemble, adjust the bracket in many configurations and adapt to the size of the space. This will ensure the flexibility of placing free-standing walls in any space.

Statement of Warranty:
Durability of properties:
Acoustic properties: NA – EN-14388-1
Non-acoustic properties: 4 years EN-14388-2

Mass: from 24kg
Moving: movable
Wind protection: EsionX Bar™
Environmental protection: 100% recyclable

Portable Easy Installation:
The acoustic barrier is portable and can be moved around and placed where required.

Aesthetic environment:
Smart leaders build wise.

Individual orders:
Personalized walls, made in line with your expectations.

 Environmental factor: Green environment

EsionX Grass™:

The visual surface is covered with our patented artificial grass with the addition of rubber to reduce noise: 8,3dB-class B-NA-EN-1449-1

 Political factor: Your company Image

An intelligent leader wants to influence the health of the population by creating a smart - quiet environment.

Manufacturer: EsionX
Product of Monaco
Manufactured in Germany
Invented: Edith Derlon

 Application: Healthy environment:

313 B - Green Noise Reducing Barriers are freestanding and suitable for a wide range of industrial environments such as: Construction areas, Sporting venues, Warehouses.

If you have a specific noise issue you would like to ask our experts, give us a call at +33 6 78 63 20 22.

"Engaged leaders help create a healthy environmental."

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