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Ecco Wall

Product # No. 05

# 05E - Size: w1.20 x h2.20 x d0.9cm

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Noise Reduction Green Wall ®: Innovation

EsionX Engineering firm provide solutions for Noise Reduction.
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 Overview: Technological factor:

Walls made of earth. Clay blocks - a mixture of clay and straw with the help of hand or hydraulic presses is formed like a brick and left to dry.

Ecco Noise Reduction Walls adapting to climate change. EsionX has implemented a long term commitment to improving the environment in the city. Green and noise reduction spaces and vibrant initiatives works because everybody, from the individual citizen and business, to the city management and visitors, is committed to a better and more sustainable way of life.

Ecology: Structure adapted for covering by vegetation

Features: Noise Reduction: 80d8 Class (A)

Main characteristics:
Sound absorption 80.dB-class A4
DL airborne sound insulation-NA
Absorbing on both sides

 Statement of Warranty:

Durability of properties:
Acoustic properties: 100 years
Non-acoustic properties: 10 years

Mass: from 50kg – 500kg
Moving: movable
Wind protection: stability systems EsionX Bar™
Environmental protection: 100% recyclable

 EsionX Bar™ Adjustable Bracket - Wind Protection

The adjustable EsionX Bar ™ bracket kit allows the operator to assemble, adjust the bracket in many configurations and adapt to the size of the space. This will ensure the flexibility of placing free-standing walls in any space, ensuring safety during strong winds up to 180 km / h. These products are produced in Sweden.

Environmental factor: Green environment

Natural Greenery EsionX™:

The visual surface is covered with our natural greenery. Plants are adapted to their arid environment.

Plants are adapted to the environment in which ecco walls will be installed.
Plants adapted to grow on other plants and to obtain moisture from the air or plants adapted to a very dry environment.

In cities, greenery protects us by absorbing pollution and cutting down on the heat island effect. Contact with nature also eases our stress, perhaps because it offers us calming scenery like trees and brooks as well as an oasis from our daily worries and noise nuisance.

Political factor: your company Image

An intelligent leader wants to influence the health of the population by creating a smart, quiet environment.

Manufacturer: EsionX
Product of Monaco
Manufactured in Europe
Invented: Edith Derlon

 Application: Healthy environment

- Construction projects
- Parks
- Hospitals
- Schools
- Restaurants
- Private properties
- Busy streets

Individual orders. Personalized walls, made in line with your expectations.


The size can be adapted to the customer's needs. The height, width and wall thickness are adjusted depending on the noise of the environment.
The prices are adapted to the quality and size of the acoustic walls.

If you have a specific noise issue you would like to ask our experts, give us a call at +33 6 78 63 20 22

"Go Green. Smart Leaders set the environment to maximize their impact."

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