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Curved Wall

Product # No. 07

# 07CA - Size: w1.20 x h2.20 x d0.9cm
# 07CB - Size: w0.66 x h2.20 x d0.9cm

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Noise Reduction Green Wall ®: Innovation

EsionX Engineering firm provide solutions for Noise Reduction.
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 Overview: Technological factor:

EsionX Green Acoustic Wall is designed to protect people and animals from harmful noise coming from road transport or industrial activities.

Green type acoustic screens are one of the most frequently used elements creating sound-absorbing barriers. Their main application is protection against noise emitted by aircraft, cars, construction machinery.

A significant advantage of acoustic screens is their construction, covered with artificial grass, which naturally blend in with the surrounding environment, always making it greener and cleaner.

Angle of the wings of the acoustic walls is used to redirect the noise. The location of the noise source is redirected or stopped for each project individually.

Built models of screens have wings. The angle deviation (90o, 45o, 30o) had The maximum increase in IL - the eye by 28 dB, was observed at external measuring points at a deviation angle of 45 °

Declaration of Performance: No: 18/2016 EN

Features: Noise Reduction: 28.3d8.B Class (A)

 Main characteristics:

Acoustic parameters of walls:

We have 4 types of panels with different acoustic parameters.
TYPE 1 Rw = 34 dB ∆LR = 29 dB (B3 class) ∆Lα = 19 dB (A4 class)
TYPE 2 Rw = 32 dB ∆LR = 26 dB (B3 class) ∆Lα = 14 dB (A4 class)
TYPE 3 Rw = 33 dB ∆LR = 27 dB (B3 class) ∆Lα = 11 dB (A3 class)
TYPE 4 Rw = 34 dB ∆LR = 29 dB (B3 class) ∆Lα = 13 dB (A4 class)

DL sound absorption 28.3dB-class A4
DL airborne sound insulation-NA
AL-1S: one-sidedly devouring
AL-2A: absorbing on both sides

 Statement of Warranty:

Durability of properties:
Acoustic properties: NA – EN-14388-1
Non-acoustic properties: 5 years EN-14388-2

Mass: from 45kg
Moving: movable
Wind protection: EsionX Bar™
Environmental protection: 100% recyclable

 EsionX Bar™ Adjustable Bracket - Wind Protection

Adjustable EsionX Bar ™ handle is a universal, adjustable sliding handle made of painted steel, designed to handle all types of our walls. Specially designed mounting brackets enable fixing to wood, metal, steel or concrete.

Easy installation: The acoustic barrier is portable and can be moved and placed where it is required.

Environmental factor: Green environment

EsionX Grass™:

The visual surface is covered with our patented artificial grass with the addition of rubber to reduce noise: 8,3dB-class B-NA-EN-1449-1

Political factor: Your company Image

- great leaders nurture safe environments that
- build trust and possibility more so than success for themselves
- great leaders create the environment, so that people that are in their charge can become healthier
- we look forward to seeing you!

Manufacturer: EsionX
Product of Monaco
Manufactured in Europe
Invented: Edith Derlon

 Application & use: Healthy environment:

Used in: Acoustic EsionX wall is designed to protect people and animals from harmful noise coming from road transport or industrial activities.
Construction projects, machine housings, airports, transport, schools, educational institutions, health care, multi-family houses. The acoustic walls create a green, quiet and aesthetic environment in which everyone can relax.

If you have a specific noise issue you would like to ask our experts, give us a call at +33 6 78 63 20 22.

"Smart leaders create a smart city. Engaged leaders help create a healthy environmental."

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