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Noise Reduction

How to Protect Yourself and your Family from Radio Waves

Currently, a dozen or so countries limit the use of mobile phones by children and recommend precautions regarding their use , including the use of headphones, a speakerphone and text messages.

Except for emergencies, telephones should not be held next to your head. You need to get into the habit of using landline phones and electronic devices connected to an Ethernet network whenever possible. In addition, what else can you do:

Use a headset or handsfree to reduce the amount of radiation reaching the brain. Keep your phone away from your head.

Your exposure decreases exponentially pushing the phone away from the body. Even when using the loudspeaker, keep the phone away from your torso while talking and make sure that the back of the phone is not close to other people, especially breastfed babies or other children.
Telephones should be worn away from the body, neither in a pocket or in a bra (especially popular in the USA)

Do not use the wireless headset when not in use.

Use a landline phone at home, not a DECT cordless phone, because they emit radio frequency radiation like cell phones. (Having a landline means you will have a working phone if you ever get cut off during a power failure or if the cell towers don’t work.)

Teach your children this issue.
Teenagers should not sleep all night with a cell phone under the pillow or next to the bed. Use a battery-operated alarm clock.
Pregnant women should keep the phone away from the stomach . Mothers should also protect their children from the phone. Do not talk on the phone or write text while holding the device near your child’s stomach or head. The developing brain of a fetus or child is most susceptible to radiation.

Men, especially those who want to become fathers, should also have their phones turned off when they are in their pocket, e.g. in airplane mode.

Be careful of radiation shields and other telephone protection devices that are designed to limit exposure to radiation, e.g. all bags.
They can reduce the quality of the connection, and thus force the phone to transmit with greater output power. The telephone should be outside such a curtain, for example by the window.

Read the “small print” from the manufacturer’s user manual, which often informs users about the need to keep the distance between the phone and the head and body.

Do not hold the phone on with your body all day.

If you are not using the phone, if it is switched on, store it in a backpack, purse or bag. If you hold it by the waist, turn it off.

If possible, use the telephone only when the signal quality is good.

The weaker the signal, the more radiation must rise to connect to the base station, increasing exposure. Minimize use when reception is poor (e.g. in rural areas) or when you are in a metal room or means of transport such as an elevator, train or car.

Learn to re-write text messages, prefer them to voice calls.

Telephones usually use less radiation for sending text than for calls. However, sharing photos or videos increases exposure to radiation.

Avoid using a telephone or texting while driving. It’s like drunk driving.


If possible, choose wired internet at home instead of wireless systems.
Use computers with wired internet to get the most out of your internet connection and social media and streaming movies. If you use wireless systems, disconnect them from the network during sleep hours or when you are not using them, preferably in whole.

When connecting digital devices with a wired internet connection, be sure to turn off Wi-Fi and turn off Bluetooth in the settings and on the router. (Even if you’re using a wired connection, the device emits if Wi-Fi antennas are turned on.)

Choose non-wireless options for technologies and accessories such as computers, laptops, printers, game consoles and cell phones, security, mouse, keyboard, video cameras, speakers, headphones, microphones and other accessories.

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