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Founder Bio

Edith Derlon
Anthropologist & Innovator


  • Values: Faith, humanity, morality
  • Education: Harvard
  • Innovator: Esionizm Architecture
  • Patent & Trademark: Noise Reduction Green Walls
  • Author of the books.

Leadership in an international context
Management of country operations as well as strategic business unit operations
International negotiations skills
General management in combination with project management
Implementation of architectural turn-key projects

Humanitarian Work
8 LETTERS TO GOD2021-2030

8letterstogod.org_logoHaving worked all over the world with politicians, victims of enforced marriage, orphans, victims of crime and abused children, and having witnessed the best and worst of humanity, Edith has seen time and time again how important it is to nurture children and give them the best possible start. Working with children from humble backgrounds, as well as spoiled children, guided Edith to write this book. She supports children by giving them access to the best lawyers to win cases against their abusers, and her financial support comes privately from the profits of her own design and construction projects and her Esion noise reduction products. She has now created a children’s foundation which will help ALL children, from all social and economic backgrounds and cultures, to find their natural-born talents.


Dedicated to Word of God. Each of us has a thing we call conscience. Contrary to what you might think, any immoral act of any kind will only lower your self-esteem.

Professional Experiences
Architecture for Hulmanity

Edith Derlon has over the last 8 years been at the forefront of establishing regulations relating to noise pollution in Monaco.

EsionX Logo

EsionX having been in the construction, engineering and architectural sector, realized the impact that noise of ongoing construction projects had on the environment in which these projects were taking place. It became clear that a more holistic approach to construction and development was needed that took in the environment and pollution.

But in order to effect this change in mindset for the betterment of the environment, EsionX understood that wider engagement was required and formal guidelines needed to enforce the change Derlon spent 8 years engaging the Monaco government to review the noise impact of construction work on the environment and in January 2019 a new law to silence construction works was introduced.

Mme Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of public works, environmental protection and development in Monaco in January 2019, established a new law on local regulations regarding environmental noise and /or noise limits for specific sources or other noise reduction measures.

The government's policy on noise in Monaco aims to ensure a coherent and coordinated approach to noise reduction activities throughout the Community (objectives to be strengthened and adapted to the achievement of an ecological approach).


EsionX is the only company in Monaco that has developed the solution to arguably the biggest pollution, which is noise.

EsionX ®

EsionX's mission is to protect your health through ours engineering company that provides solutions in the field of noise reduction.


Projects 2021 – 2030

EsionX Earth.
The mission is to protect drinking water using recycled artificial grass.

EsionX Humanity.
Our mission is to create healthier communities by planting trees and natural greenery.

EsionX Food.
Vertical Seeds Walls Our mission is to provide food for everyone.

Sound Of Silence Park.
The mission of the Sound of Silence Parks is to enhance the quality of life by providing safe, well-maintained parks and public places. Strengthening the bonds of community;and creating opportunities for renewal, growth, and enrichment.

EsionX Silence Property. Exceptional Locations, Unrivalled Lifestyles inspired by Sound of Silence. 
Conceived in the belief that home and living in full are inextricably entwined, Sound of Silence Property ® is the EsionX’s International Realty brand’s new department devoted to the finest in inspirational locales and lifestyles. Coming at 10 January 2021

Edith’s Books

Books Dedicated to Environment for Human Potential.

Inspiring Curiosity. Books and work Edith Derlon aims to improve people's well-being by supporting an educational and healthy environment, and promoting character development and individual freedom. All work takes its vision from the founder, who stimulates internal strength through what she described as "spiritual advancement."

Book 2017 and New Book Releases 2020 – 2021

Esionizm Architecture
Book Be Who You Are2021

ISBN 978-2-9562028-8-2 EAN 9782956202882

Esionizm Architecture
No More Pink and BlueFebruary 2021

Creating a safe sleep environment for children. 


Esionizm Architecture
NoteBookOctober 2021

Notebook, is a book for parents in the daily writing of valuable qualities of their child. 

For example, a child's interest, without imposing parental wisdom. The notebook contains all the tips on what to pay attention to. And a list of compliments that every parent should learn when planning to be a responsible parent.

Esionizm Architecture
Human HandsDecember 2021

Human hands represent the triumph of complex engineering. The book presents the  full commitment of our hands, heads and hearts in our work.

Esionizm Architecture
HuggyAugust 2021

What is the meaning of love and be loved and be hugged.

Arts & Photography
The Power of NatureJuly 2021

Where to gain strength and inner peace. How does being in simple nature affect us?

How God worksFebruary 8, 2022

Internal strength in each of us. Simple advice on how to notice God's action. 

Silly Beans ScrapbookAugust 2021

Inspiring and humorous quotes.


Derlon News Magazines

Derlon News Logo

These news set out to expand access to healthy environment in Monaco and around the world.


derlonnews2 Derlon News - Lifestyle Through Architecture derlonnews1

Derlon Signature 180x80.jpg

Our New Partner

Since 31 March 2022, We’re in partnership with Najd Feature Company, in Saudi Arabia
Moon tower, Mezanine floor King Fahed Branch Road, At Rahmaniyah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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