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Esion Group

The meaning behind ‘Esion’

‘Esion’ is noise backwards. We’re a company I created for you to live in a healthier, happier, noise free environment. For you, your children, your family and pets.

Each EsionX product invented by Edith Derlon is patented and for sale at every product is handmade by skilled craftsman from Europe.

Esionizm Architecture ®

Esionizm Architecture ® Trademark No. 20.0004 / Monaco. Monte Carlo.

Influence of lifestyle of the people across the world

Esionizm Architecture founded on the belief that your environment should act as a sanctuary from the noise and stress of everyday life.

Esionizm Architecture & Product has a profound influence on every aspect of our everyday lives. Our lifestyle, the patterns of our day, our relationships with the surrounding people, our success and satisfaction in our jobs are all shaped significantly by the physical environment.

Group structure of Esion Ltd. Co.

EsionX Ltd. Co. is the private hold company of the Esion Group. It is active in operational retail, but has many important related companies.

By far the largest and most important investment company is EsionX Noise Reduction Green Walls as an operator of government contracts with construction companies in Monaco and abroad. Commercial activities are complemented by EsionX Silent Property and EsionBaby, EsionPet which conducts activities in the field of production and trade in silencing and decorative materials with commercial and private clients.

The development and operation of first-class commercial properties is another area of activity for which EsionX Ltd.Co. is responsible. Some of these activities are located in EsionX Silent Properties, which owns a large portion of the extensive assets of the Esion Group.

  • General group Esion Ltd. Co. (“Esion Group”) includes the largest operating subgroup Esion, in which the pan-European retail “Sound of Silence” with internet store, as well as from 2020 online trade in subgroups EsionX and EsionHome (regional trade in noise suppression materials) and EsionX. Real estate (development of real estate and location) are connected. EsionX Ltd. Co. and Esion are both private companies. From 2023, shares will be listed on Prime Standard on the German stock exchange.

  • The investment in the Esion Group is an investment in a traditional family company with an 80-year history. It still has significant growth potential.

    These conditions speak for:

    • Organic growth strategy: Essentially EsionX takes over location from first pages; and the Group develops its own locations in Europe.
    • Competitive advantage real estate strategy: most real estate belongs to the EsionX Group – the strategic and financial reserve of the highest guarantor of further development.
    • Combined retail strategy: combining stationary retail with an online store No. 1 in Europe in terms of performance – “Turnover to market”
    • Differentiation from competitors through design ideas.
  • According to a study, EsionX holds the highest positions in terms of customer satisfaction: one example is Customer Monitor Europe, one of the best-known consumer surveys for European retail.

  • Good financial resources and flexibility in refinancing through the capital market.

  • Risk differentiation under the influence of economic influences on the European market through expansion in other countries in the world (currently locations in Principality of Monaco, Monaco, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland and Slovakia).

  • Balanced dividend policy.

Market position

Our goal is to continuously expand Esion’s market position in EU, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Kazahstan, US, UK.

Market position of the Esion group

As at December 1, 2019, the Esion Group manages market in Monaco and Europe through the largest and most important private company Esion. Europe is the largest “Sound of Silence” market in terms of market size of around 1 million euros.

If you look at the absolute net sales of individual companies involved in trading in the quiet environment, Esion is number one in Europe.

However, the decisive factor is that EsionX is definitely number 1 among European sound of silence providers in terms of performance, both in terms of “sales to the market” and “sales per square meter.”

Esion has been constantly developing its market position in recent years. As for the total sales of all European stores for silence, please with shopping centers in 2018 (EUR 900 000 euro) and government contract Siviam’s and private companies.

Our goal is to continually increase Esion’s position on the Sound of Silence market in the world through organic development. Nevertheless, we emphasized that we do not invest in further market shares at any price and we are lowering the quality of our business model. Instead, we attach great importance to sustainable profit growth. Potential EsionX locations must meet strict decision criteria. You need, among other things, a great location and a certain minimum size so that we can implement our concept in line with our ideas. And above all, they must achieve ambitious sales goals to pay back in the long run.


Intelligent Investors together take care of human health, creating a green world that helps:

  1. Climate change
  2. Healthy citizens
  3. A healthy green and quiet city
  4. Provides insulation and cooling of cities
  5. Supports handicrafts and human talent.
EsionX - Green Walls in the middle of Vegetation 1

Our Mission

EsionX Valuable Leaders Community Mission is – Serving Communities

To protect and improve the environment as a valuable asset for the people of Monaco and around the world. To protect our people and the environment from harmful effects of noise pollution. Helping you reach a healthy life, full of possibilities in a healthy environment.

Innovative green noise-reducing walls ® create a quiet, green environment that supports health, security, social interaction, as well as a sense of pride and cultural identity and meets the needs of all citizens.

We invite empowering and dynamic leaders like you to participate in the global project to improve health and well-being by supporting the city with green protection from noise and radiation.

We’re engaging with industry thought valuable leaders to explore how science and innovation advance healthier lifestyle.

Investment in Greenery and Environmental Silence

Esion is a future-oriented family company that has a clear value system. Caring for human health and safety, protecting drinking water by using artificial grass for green walls and by creating a quiet and green environment. As well as taking care of the environment creating more oxygen through our latest innovative soundproofing wall covered with live vegetation, oxygen-producing plants.

The foundation stones are honesty, credibility, reliability, clarity and trust in people and support for products created by hand. Human talent is the world’s most valuable asset.

In 2004, the so-called Esion Foundation originated from this system of values that has existed for decades. This mission provides guidelines for the corporate strategy, our daily activities and our social responsibility. The basic values in contacts with our clients, but also among our employees, are deeply rooted in this. The foundation also shows customers, the public and employees what constitutes the basis of our business success.

EsionX - Green Road Pillars
EsionX - Earth Wall Leaves - Perspective View

Responsibility for the Environment

Investor and EsionX Team responsibility. In times of global warming and energy transformation, we want to contribute to protecting our environment.

Only live oxygen-producing vegetation.

We strive to draw the attention of customers to using Esion Oxygen vegetation wherever possible. Vegetation using Esion certified by EsionX Earth ®. Already in 2018, our company voluntarily committed to Greenpeace to use certified vegetation.

EsionX guarantees that all plants offered come from certified stocks.

One of the main areas of activity of the Quality Management, Environment and CSR Department is the protection of oxygen-generating vegetation and responsible forest management. Thanks to this orientation, EsionX is very well-prepared for the European timber regulation (995/2010), which entered into force in 2013. This regulation includes the obligation to care for all timber and timber products imported into the EU and prohibits the import of illegal felled timber.


    Our New Partner

    Since 31 March 2022, We’re in partnership with Najd Feature Company, in Saudi Arabia
    Moon tower, Mezanine floor King Fahed Branch Road, At Rahmaniyah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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