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Architecture, Crafting


Home & Garden Decor. Wrought Iron Fence and Gates to fit any space

“Artisans of tradition”

The greatest economic brains spends sleepless nights due to the need for new marketing tricks and advertising manipulation, and the vision of empty stores is a real nightmare for them, after which they wake up with a scream of horror. Because the economy today – is the production for masses. However, the pursuit of a quantity usually affects quality. We are inundated with a wave of hundreds of the same, indistinct products. Where to find products of manual work, unique, carefully made, masterly ? Nowadays the products of manual work appear to us as a luxury that we cannot afford … Read more below

Let’s recall times, not so distant, smelling like homemade cake and fruits picked from the neighbor’s tree branches. Many of us remember grandma’s handmade serviettes that adorned tables and desks – they were an essential element of home, which made it more … home. Many minutely made cupboards, immaculately finished and almost blinding with its gloss hid old, dusty albums full of pictures. And black-and-white photos showing perfectly tailored suits and dresses that were a specialty of the local seamstress. She received her clients in a modest, inconspicuous house, but its fence aroused admiration and appreciation. It was not made by a reputable company, but… by a neighbor. He was engaged in one of the oldest crafts known to man – he was a blacksmith. Excellent in his profession. He not only provided people with durable and useful tools but also enriched villages with the beauty of fences, which were a great piece of art of his manual work and the origin of artistic blacksmithing.

Seamstress, blacksmith, shoemaker … all those artisans often passed their talent in genes, but they had to teach their children skills, patience and artistry. They did it with pleasure and at the same time with a sense of duty, and the family trade was a source of pride. Not only artisans were proud, but also owners – of having genuine products of manual work. Profession, like a tradition, was transmitted from generation to generation. However, this natural and harmonious “passing the baton” has suddenly stopped. The world that has become a global village, it is also a place of global disaster of true craft. Humanity seeks to computerize every aspect of life, and to replace a human being with a machine. Soon, the only manual work done by man will be tapping on a computer keyboard keys, and it’s hard to name it masterly craft.

You want to realize your iron gates dream?
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Our New Partner

Since 31 March 2022, We’re in partnership with Najd Feature Company, in Saudi Arabia
Moon tower, Mezanine floor King Fahed Branch Road, At Rahmaniyah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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