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Earth Wall

Quiet Places

Environmental noise is the most common source of stress for city dwellers.
Health experts have linked noise pollution to a number of health problems, including cardiovascular disease, elevated hormone levels, psychological problems and even premature death.
Yet, as the demand for mobility grows, the use of cars, trains, and planes increases, and so does the level of noise.

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Architecture, Crafting


The greatest economic brains spends sleepless nights due to the need for new marketing tricks and advertising manipulation, and the vision of empty stores is a real nightmare for them, after which they wake up with a scream of horror. Because the economy today – is the production for masses. However, the pursuit of a quantity usually affects quality. We are inundated with a wave of hundreds of the same, indistinct products. Where to find products of manual work, unique, carefully made, masterly ? Nowadays the products of manual work appear to us as a luxury that we cannot afford …

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Noise Reduction

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is defined as intrusive noise that disrupts, or distracts from the regular rhythm of life. The problem of noise pollution is not limited to big cities. Noise pollution is an increasingly widespread phenomena. It can also be found in suburban areas, and even in individual properties and offices. Noise pollution should not be ignored because it has significant negative impact on health and productivity.

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Our New Partner

Since 31 March 2022, We’re in partnership with Najd Feature Company, in Saudi Arabia
Moon tower, Mezanine floor King Fahed Branch Road, At Rahmaniyah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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