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Wood Panel is a genuine acoustic wall panel. Perforation of grooves, Wood Panel achieves noise pollution reduction at almost 90 dB.  The panels are built on MDF or chipboard core, and are available in 24 standard wood veneer finishes.


A universal solution for noise control. The raw acoustical panels can be wrapped with transparent fabric to create attractive wall treatments that absorb excessive noise. This product line of ESIONX provides thirteen acoustical wall panels and three corner bass trap designs, available in more than 250 designer fabric choices. This solution is also optimal for offices, conference rooms, hotels, recording studios, universities and more.


The stretch fabric wrapped wall system is a Class A fire rated panel system for acoustics and aesthetics. This system has the following features:

  • commerciality
  • site-installation
  • highly customized system for tightly stretching fabric over acoustical
  • trackable substrates.

Site-installation guarantees that this system enjoys a perfect fit to all adjacent work while eliminating any gaps, sagging or poor fitting. The tracking is secured to the panel and can be applied to either wall or ceiling applications. The unique design of the system offers many advantages by giving the most flexibility in design and cost-reduction options. It accepts almost any fabric with almost no limitation to the size or shape of the panel. Size limitation is based only on the fabric size and its ability to be sewn to the size needed. The tracking system is damage-resistant, and can be opened for easy fabric cleaning, repair or replacement.


The High Impact Wall Panel is manufactured to the highest standards and is designed specifically for impact resistance. The High Impact Panel offers both excellent sound absorption and extreme durability. Applications for High Impact panels includes schools, gymnasiums, corridors or any area where acoustical treatment and impact resistance is required. 

High Impact Wall Panels are constructed using a 6-7# rigid fiberglass absorber core laminated to 16#-20# PCF high-impact underlayment. High Impact Wall Panels are easily installed on walls or ceilings using mechanical clips. 


XXL Panels are sound-absorbing fiberglass filled wall panels with washable surfaces. These Acoustic Panels offer a wonderful solution for easy to clean noise control. They are available in three exterior coverings: PVC (polyvinylchloride) and Ripstop nylon. For areas with less stringent environmental requirements the PVC encapsulated wall panels provide the same strong sound-absorption with a washable surface at an economical price point. 

XXL Wall Panels covered with Ripstop nylon offer an extremely durable baffle that can withstand abuse from basketballs and volleyballs in a gymnasium. These fiberglass filled wall panels are excellent for acoustical treatment in large open rooms and work well to reduce reverberation and increase speech intelligibility. 

There are multiple colors of both PVC and Ripstop nylon to choose from and they can be manufactured in any custom size up to 4' x 8'. Features include Class 1 fire rating and a sound absorption rating of 90 - 1.10 NRC.

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